Thursday, September 21, 2006

God Hates Fags?

Sometimes you have to watch what you wish for. That's what crossed my mind as I read "Love sinners, not sin" in today's Aberdeen American News (South Dakota). Kathy Thorpe tells the story of a friend of hers, a gay man, whose mother couldn't tell him she loved him after he came out. He committed suicide, heartbroken by his mother's reject. Ms. Thorpe calls for Christians to make the distinction between the sinner and the sin.

This is the least of what I hope for from Christians - I don't believe hate is a fundamental part of Christianity, but I'm astounded by the lack of compassion among so many Americans who profess to be Christian. Just check out God Hates Fags if you doubt it (and you're up for it).

But reading Ms. Thorpe's article, I'm not satisfied with her stance. I disagree with the assumption that homosexuality is a sin (am I allowed to have a say if I'm not Christian?) and, frankly, I want her and everyone else to agree with me. Childish, perhaps, but not nearly as bad as holding a "God Hates Fags" sign at the funeral of someone who died at the hands of a gay basher. Given the choice, I suppose I'll take Ms. Thorpe's tolerance over Reverend Phelps' vitriol, but I hate that this is the choice I'm presented with.


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