Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brad Pitt Is Really Cute

As I've said again and again, throughout this blog, I can't understand why anyone without a personally vested interest (aka, someone who is queer) cares about gay marriage one way or the other. And it looks like voters in Minnesota are in agreement with me. Given two candidates whose primary difference is where they stand on the gay marriage issue, rural Minnesotans from prime "family values" territory voted last week for the pro-homosexual ticket.

It must be shocking, I realize, to Karl Rove and his ilk, that they've bashed this dead gay horse into the ground. Have Americans (at least a few of them in Minnesota) actually woken up and started worrying about the growing divide between the rich and the poor, the quagmire of a war we call Iraq, the lying, cheating and stealing that's happening at all levels of our government (and by both parties, although lately there do seem to be an awful lot of Republicans in hot water), the fact that the gay marriage issue is only being paraded out by the Right in order to distract voters from the real issues today? Or was it that Brad Pitt spoke, and Minnesota listened?

We may never know, but I for one will stay tuned to see what happens in November.


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